Sent to me from: Barak Evertsen
Date: June 24, 2004
Drank at: Town Hall Brewery, Mpls, MN

Barak Picked up not one beer, but a pitcher or three of Town Hall Hefeweizen. Barak got in touch with me almost a year ago, and our communications has been hit or miss for the past ten months, trying to figure out a time when we both had an evening free to share a beer. Well. the time finally came when we met at Town Hall Brewery in the Seven Corners neighborhood in Minneapolis for some Fiiiiiine Locally brewed Hefeweizen.
Barak is pretty freakin' cool. we talked a lot of biz for a few hours. your typical, design geek conversation. I'll spare you visitors the details.
Evening Highlight: Barak saying after the second pitcher "I better close out my tab so I'm not tempted to get more after this". half an hour later I return from the bathroom and the bartender is handing us another pitcher and Barak is saying "okay, now I'll really close out my tab..."