Mystery Porter

Sent to me from: Wilbur
Date: June 17, 2004
Drank at: Minneapolis Urban Cookout

I recently went to my friend Krista's house for the ressurection of Wednesday night dinner. A weekly tradition that we used to do, that was neither weekly, nor typically on wednesdays, but a tradition none-the-less. This particular fine summer evening we got together with some members of the wednesday night crew and did a cookout.

Wilbur brought by a few bottles of homebrew that he's been squirreling away in storage for the last couple of years. He shared with me a bottle of "Mystery Porter", so named because he bought the ingredients, then lost the recipe before he brewed it up, so the actual procedure is a little bit in question.

the Beer was incredible. very smooth and full, without the ultra-hoppy taste that I get when I make homebrews.

I also discovered that Wilbur is the master at working the Grill. between his grill-lid fanning method and his one-sided salmon cooking technique, he positioned himself as the grand master of spatula weilding. dude can flip a veggie burger like nobody's bizzle.