Sent to me from: Cindy Collins
Date: Oct 02, 2003
Drank at: Palmers Bar, Minneapolis, MN

I met Cindy recently from her spotting my ad for buy-me-a-beer in the back of a recent publication. (no, I don't pay for ad space, it was a trade) We met up at Palmers bar in the famous seven-corners area of minneapolis.

Despite a couple of people telling me to watch my back when I was in that neighborhood, it was super chill and comfortable. And Cindy was the perfect scenario of stranger-made-friend-in-ten-minutes.

Cindy actually ended up buying me TWO Guinness's that night. how cool is that! and we had a ton in common so I'll probably get in touch with her next time I'm at Palmers. In fact, I haven't had any cases of beer-buyer turned psycho yet. I imagine I'm probably about due for one.

Palmers, by the way, was a very cool bar. A little dead when I showed up, but what do you expect for a wednesday night? I unfortunately had to bust out early for free pizza and beer and another gathering, but really, can you blame me??