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Blue Moon
from Marc Iwanin
Blue Moon
from Paul Saarinen
Blue Moon
from Tom Fillman
Blue Moon
from Alicia Stepp-Woody
Pitcher of Blue Moon
from Sharon the Waitress

6 entries containing the text "Blue Moon"
Belgian Waffle from Hillary Bressler
... kindof like a black and tan, but made with Blue Moon instead. I'd never heard of it before, but I like Guinness, and I like Blue Moon, so...
Blue Moon from Marc Iwanin
... by the pitcher of light beer next to the pint of Blue Moon, that wasn't mine.
Blue Moon from Tom Fillman
Ah St. Patty's Day, you do me so wrong. I believe one year ago this night I was drinking green miller lite out of a plastic cup in some...
Blue Moon from Alicia Stepp-Woody
... time she sent me a contribution to pick up some Blue Moon. An old favorite of mine. I unfortunately didn't have the resources to drink with a...
Mothership Wit from Jenn Dzubay
I swung by Jenn's place in Uptown for a beer before we headed downtown to see a show. Jenn doesn't fool around with the Miller Lite or the...
Rush River Small Axe Golden ale from Todd Newman
... odl friend Todd. I came armed with a six pack of Blue Moon already bought for me by another wonderful and generous contributor to buy-me-a- beer,...